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Create an Avatar to Represent You in Your Blog Profile

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An avatar is a visual representation of yourself, often a comic or cartoon. Instead of a photo in your blog profile, you can use an avatar

You can portray yourself in avatar form on any Web site that lets you set an avatar or photo for use with a profile, like Facebook, Digg, Flickr, and so on. And, of course, you can use your avatar on your own blog.

Here are a few resources to use to create an avatar:

  • Zwinky is a fun Web site that lets you a build cartoon version of yourself, customizing everything from skin tone to hairstyle to clothing accessories.
  • Meez offers a fun interface with lots of customization to help you build a virtual you. Use the Meezmaker to pick skin color, hair color, clothes, jewelry, even the right environment.
  • Another site you can check out is associated with the release of The Simpsons Movie. At, you can replicate yourself as a Simpsons character, right down to Moe’s hair and Homer’s nose.

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